Sunday, December 28, 2008


(‘Dainik Pratyaksha’ editorial Dt. December 23, 2008 Imp pts)

Besides, what the I.S.I. knows better than any other body is that India is not in the least an aggressive, war-hungry or an imperialist nation.
....Should such a situation arise, the democratic government will gain steady ground in Pakistan - another fact that the I.S.I. and the opportunist military officers see clearly; which is precisely why they are going all out to impede co-operation between India and the government of Pakistan. The results of these efforts on their part are now beginning to bear fruit.
Now, bogged down under pressure both from the I.S.I. and the popular trend
of thought, the government of Pakistan is now forced to retract even the so-called
anti-terrorist measures taken.

So then, the war is now more or less inevitable.

With the attack on Mumbai, Pakistan's undeclared war against India cooking
for years now, culminates into an outright and open war.

It is indeed imperitive for India to take stringent steps because if India adopts a linient or indulgent policy, the I.S.I. could bring about terrorist attacks in many Indian cities and that it will surely end up doing. The destruction in that case would be even more horrific and so not withstanding the consequences of war, it would indeed be advisable for India to go to war.

(New Delhi: After the Mumbai terror strikes, anti-India elements in Pakistan are now planning an attack on Indian computer networks, intelligence agencies have warned. news (6th jan '09))

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