Sunday, December 28, 2008


(‘Dainik Pratyaksha’ editorial Dt. December 23, 2008 Imp pts)

In order to conserve its position on the political scene, Saudi Arabia has to
mutely toe the line that India and the United States adopt.
....and it is precisely these circumstances or rather the fact that the pieces have
fallen in these respective places at this particular moment, that all of these nations not only give consent to the 'surgical strike' by India but are even willing to co-operate
in the matter.

....and this is precisely why Pakistan's nuclear equipment need not at all
intimidate India. Also, one single nuclear weapon launched by the rash military officers of Pakistan against India will activate all nations possessing nuclear weapons, except China, in India's favour.

....and this is precisely what the Pakistan government fears as much as the senior military officers and the I.S.I. Therefore this kind of an act is what only the terrorists, who do not foresee this fact, could do. However, the irony of the present
times is that it has become a must for the Pakistan military to see to it that such an act does not happen.

Although destroying terrorist camps, bases in Pakistan and in Pakistan occupied
Kashmir remains the prime objective of this 'surgical strike', it is very much the desire
of the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Russia and the European Union that India
should go ahead and liberate Baluchistan and not restrict itself to it.

Actually speaking the liberation of Baluchistan could work in favour of the
rest of pakistan and in other words in favour of the democratic government as well
because Baluchistan has proved to be nothing but a nuisance for Pakistan over the
past so many years. But then, should Baluchistan be liberated, the boundaries of Pakistan would change in such a way that the equations relating to the intimacy of the terrorists with Pakistan would be upset and as a result it would not be as easy for Pakistan to give shelter and support to terrorists as it is now.

There is absolutely no doubt that the war will happen. Therefore friends, in the following article, let us study the effects of war. Every true Indian citizen must indeed be aware of his responsibility, what good is it to merely shout slogans that 'we want war' and rejoice when war begins?

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